Showing our Disney Side

*Disclaimer-I have received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.*

I had the pleasure of hosting a Disney Side @Home Celebration. This was a wonderful way to reconnect with memories from our recent DisneyWorld trip in July of 2013. The same gang that all went together on the trip celebrated in style at the celebration! I am going to have this post be a gallery style post, because the pictures are so cute, I want them to be the highlight as I explain everything we did!

This is a picture of all of the supplies packed up and ready to head to my mom’s house where we held the celebration. (Please ignore my table that obviously needs to be refinished!) The supplies came in an American Tourister piece of luggage which was my special gift for hosting a Disney Side celebration. American Tourister is the official luggage of Walt Disney World Resorts. This is a great little piece of luggage, very sturdy with great wheels that spin 360 degrees. This may not seem like a big deal but it is very handy when maneuvering in and out of tight spaces such as airports or hotel lobbies that are packed with tourists.  And fun enough, it is black on the outside and red on the inside, which reminds me of Mickey Mouse himself!

Here is my brother and sister-in-law assisting with the decorating. My brother was doing more sitting and talking than helping but that’s ok, we were all having fun reminiscing about DisneyWorld!  One of my nieces decided to sit at the table while we were decorating, she was so excited to get started!  She waited so patiently!

Here is the table in all of its Disney fundom! Each setting was packed with lots of goodies for each child, as well as Disney napkins, cups, and plates. Some of the other goodies they received were Disney tattoos and stickers, an HP photo card pack, Craisins Dried Cranberries, a Disney Bingo card and a Hanes t-shirt. I bought Mickey and Minnie hats for each child to wear along with some other party store goodies I found like ring pops in Mickey Mouse or TinkerBell.









These are a few of the pictures of the children attending the celebration. In our family, there are 12 nieces and nephews ranging from (then) 11 to 4 mos (now 12 to 1) and we all went to DisneyWorld in July of 2013 courtesy of my parents. It was such a wonderful family vacation, and those memories are priceless. Below is a picture of all of the kiddos together (minus one, who didn’t make it into the picture) standing outside Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios.


It was hard to get everyone to look at one camera, be still, smile and have focus but this picture came out pretty great, all things considered. It was hot, had just rained and it was time to eat for most of them.


Here I am explaining what all of the goodies are at the table. They were ready to dig in to the activities!


Well, maybe except for my son Joseph. He wasn’t happy that I wanted to take pictures of everyone before we got started.


My mom made rice krispie treats that we used the Mickey Mouse cookie cutter on for each child to make their own MM shaped treat. Here’s a picture of the result…


We played a round of Disney Bingo, and I had bought a small prize for that.

Lastly we let them all move into the living room to decorate their Hanes t-shirts with the Crayola Fabric Markers included in the celebration kit. The children had fun designing their own t-shirts, and everyone took turns sharing the markers which was great!




Here’s a picture I posted on Instagram of the fun.  The kids had such a ball.  We celebrated with cupcakes at the end that I brought from a local store for the end of the celebration.


I can’t let you go without posting a picture of the children’s finished products!  They worked so hard on their shirts, and they all came out so great.


We all had such a wonderful time showing our Disney Sides.  Only the youngest one, Eli, my third son, wasn’t able to participate as he fell asleep before the festivities began.


Now I’d love to hear from you! Tell me, what is your Disney Side?

*Disclaimer-I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.*


The Jesse Tree

In lieu of having a traditional Christmas tree, we have decided to do a “Jesse Tree” with our boys this year.  It has been such a pleasure, not only to do a Jesse Tree craft for each lesson, but to share my faith with our boys.   A Jesse Tree, for those of you who are unfamiliar (as I was before this year), is basically a family tree that celebrates and instructs on the family heritage of Jesus from the beginning to when He was born.  I have always been a lover of family heritage anyways, so this fit perfectly into our plan for a non-traditional Christmas this year.  We wanted our boys to focus on what Christmas is REALLY about, and to think of others before themselves.  I myself wanted to focus on this, too, as usually I spend more time on buying gifts than I do focusing on WHO this season is really about.  I was very convicted this year about making Jesus the main thing.  Some days I have failed, as we all have those days.  Thankfully, God has given us grace upon grace to keep on keeping on.  So before I begin, let me sing my praises: Jesus I thank you!  You are the lover of my soul, and it is my heart’s desire to praise you and give you thanks!

Tonight’s lesson was about Ruth.  One of my favorite books of the Bible, because I have always resonated personally with Ruth.  She was a Moabitess, a foreigner, who married an Israelite and when he passed away her mother-in-law Naomi was her only family.  Ruth adored Naomi, and loved her deeply.  Because of her love for Naomi, and Naomi’s love for the LORD, Ruth told Naomi in 1:16 that “your people shall be my people, and your God, my God”.  I am moved every time I hear that.  Ask me sometime, and I’ll tell you why that resonates deep within my soul.  I’ll save that for another post, perhaps.  Naomi and Ruth traveled to Bethlehem where Ruth went to the fields of Boaz, a kinsman of Naomi’s, to glean from the fields.  Ruth worked very hard to provide for her and her mother-in-law.  Boaz saw this, and was touched by her love for Naomi.  He provided a way for Ruth to glean even more from the fields, and eventually Boaz and Ruth were married.  They had a son, Obed, and it is from this family that King David will come from, and eventually the King of Kings – Jesus!

Our memory verse for this lesson was Ruth 1:16b, which I mentioned earlier.  We had the boys make the sheaves of wheat which you see below out of pipe cleaners and embroidery floss, and we hung them on our Jesse Tree.  I have put two pictures below, one of tonight’s craft, the other of our tree.  I made it myself from supplies I bought at Hobby Lobby.  We wanted it to not look like a traditional Christmas tree, so we can continue to leave it up all year long.  We are trying to expound on each night’s lesson, and I’m hoping that by continually going over the OT leading up to Jesus will help the boys to see the beauty of God’s plan from Genesis to Revelation.

I hope that you are blessed by God’s story as well, because it is truly the greatest story ever told!

Merry Christmas!  -Jaime

John 1:16 “And from His fullness we have all received grace upon grace”

Ruth 1:16 “But Ruth said, ‘Do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you. For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God.'”