Oh the Christmas spirit!

I saw somewhere that we are officially in the “100 days to Christmas” countdown now.  I believe it started September 16th, but don’t quote me on that.  There is nothing that gets me into that joyous mood more than creating our annual Christmas card from Shutterfly.  Every year there are a few things that I include on the card.  First is a quote on the inside, at first I was doing Bible verses that alluded to (from the Old Testament) or flat out announced (from the New Testament) the coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Last year was the first year I moved to doing a Christmas-y type quote so I wouldn’t be reusing Scripture.  There isn’t anything wrong with reusing Scripture, but I really wanted to make each card unique so that as we look back each year, they are all different.  Second, there are always pictures of the boys.  I typically never include a picture of myself, but this year we had some great family photos taken so I actually put one of me in there, too.  Third, the back is always saved for something whimsical.  Whimsical in the way of (usually) having some reference to Roll Tide for my husband.  This year it was fun because I knew I wanted to announce the new baby some way on the card, so I saved it for the back!  Take a gander at our card for 2012 🙂


I always choose Shutterfly for my Christmas cards.  They have an outstanding collection of cards to choose from (and for more than just Christmas for that matter, for any need you have!) and the process of creating your card is super duper easy!  They look professional, they are printed on a glossy or matte cardstock which gives them a nice local-printer feel to them, and they are just gorgeous!  Their prices are affordable (that’s saying a lot coming from me because we live on one super tight budget) and a lot of times throughout the year they have these awesome promotions where you can get free cards, and sometimes even free photo books, calendars, and mailing labels!  All you have to pay is shipping and handling, which again is quite affordable!  If you are reading this today, September 18, 2012, you can get 10 free holiday cards if you put in the promo code 10FREECARDS after creating a Shutterfly account!  Hurry and get your free cards today before the promotion runs out!

**This is my own opinion, I have not been reimbursed by Shutterfly in any way for stating how awesome they are.  Trust me, go make your own account and try them out, you won’t regret it!**

***Shutterfly – if you are reading this, I would love to be part of your holiday blogger review program if you are doing that this year! :)***