Touching the Sky

Touching the Sky by Tracie Peterson

Here is my latest book review.  I know, I know, I just did two, right?  I am a little behind on them so I’m going to be posting these next few as soon as I finish them, instead of waiting and posting two at a time like I was doing.  This latest book is Touching the Sky by Tracie Peterson.  This is the second book in the “Land of the Lone Star” series.  The first book, Chasing the Sun, has a character that shows up just briefly in this book, but other than that this is a totally different book.  The heroine, Laura Marquardt, is a young woman who has been affected by the War Between the States in more ways that she would like to count.  She has a younger sister, Carissa, who is carefree and light-hearted, while Laura is more serious minded.  Carissa marries early in the book to a man named Malcolm.  Laura is uneasy with Carissa’s quick romance from the beginning, and finds that Malcolm is indeed a no-good type of man.  Laura’s love interest, Brandon Reid, has come to Corpus Christi, Texas, to muster out of the Union Army after the end of the war but finds himself delaying his retirement to keep tabs on the mischievous Malcolm.  In the process of keeping an eye on Malcolm, Brandon begins to court Laura.

The plot is definintely thick in this book, as there is the love story between Brandon and Laura as well as the story that follows Malcolm and his Confederate Army cronies.  I really enjoyed this book, and took my time reading it to enjoy the story instead of staying awake until all hours of the night to see what happens next.  My body really can’t take that kind of reading right now, and it was nice to have this book stretch over a few days instead of just one.  I do love to read though so if I can set aside an hour block for reading I will do it each evening.  I am really loving Tracie Peterson’s writing style.  When I read Chasing the Sun I was really disappointed to find out that her series wouldn’t be continuing with those particular characters but it worked out, because these characters were just as lovely as William and Hanna of the first book.  On a rating scale, I’m gonna go ahead and give this a 4 clover rating.  I highly recommend this book.

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers to review.  In exchange I am asked to give my honest review here on my blog and on a retail website such as  This honest review is not required to be positive, just honest.  It just so happens that most of my reviews of the books I receive are positive because I choose books that are really good reading!