So long, my old friend…

I must preface this post by saying I had a slight addiction to Pinterest.  I loved looking at all of the pins and getting ideas and inspiration for my own creativity.  I am saddened tonight, though.  Deeply and truly hurt on levels I can’t explain in a post.  I just deleted all of my pin boards and deactivated my Pinterest account.  What?? Yes, that’s right.  I have said goodbye.

Anyone who has followed this blog or my Twitter account, or even bothered looking at my profile on Pinterest would note that I always have my tagline on my profiles as “I love the Lord and I want to glorify Him in everything I do”.  This is true, my thoughts daily are to praise the Lord and share Him with people so they know how awesome Jesus really is.  If you knew me about 12 years ago, this would be something of significance for you.  I shall save my testimony for another post, though.  I was hopping along from blog to blog earlier today which I like to do from time to time, and I came across someone sharing why they no longer use Pinterest.  Now I have stumbled upon (haha, yet another social media site that I haven’t used and probably never will) a few blogs before that complained in great detail about how a lot of pins are pretty much not what Pinterest intended (I assume, maybe wrongfully) them to be.  If you follow them through to the original blog post, in particular recipes, they end up going to some spam or junk website having nothing to do with what is actually pinned on Pinterest (namely said recipes).  Very rarely did this happen to me, and yes I did try to always pin something that went back to the original source.  I now know I missed some though in my haste to pin and go .  As I was deleting boards today, I wanted to bookmark the original source of a lot of what truly inspires me.  I noticed that a lot of my pins were going to sites that were 404’d or just plain no longer there.  I wonder if some of the bloggers or websites took their stuff off because of the whole copyright infringement deal.  Whatever reason they had, I can’t say that I blame them if it was due to the lack of respect for “intellectual property rights” or “copyright infringement”.  I was under a lot of conviction, and am truly hurt that I might have been a stumbling block to others.

So is this really akin to how the whole Napster deal went down back in the day?  I believe so.  This is going to come to a boiling point, I am sure.  People can go on blindly pinning and repinning to their heart’s content, but you have to realize that you are probably pinning or repinning something that is in essence stolen from a website, owned by a person or a business that usually has a claim on what they put on their website (be it photography, original recipes, songs, movies, etc., and I say usually because I now know that sometimes photos or free printables are being sold by people who claim them as their own original designs when even that isn’t the case!)  I understand that there are people who want to use Pinterest to advertise their product.  I understand that there are people who don’t “care” if their blog pictures are pinned or repinned as long as their original blog source is mentioned and clicked back through, but honestly after reading about a blog that I love having to change direction as to how she posts material, I was really hit hard by how this Pinterest craze is affecting honest, hardworking people.  I don’t have a lot of blog followers, which doesn’t bother me because this is my outlet, my way to share Jesus and to share some thoughts.  You may not agree, but really think about whether Pinterest is on the right track (especially after REALLY reading their Terms of Service) and if you should continue pinning and repinning!  I really did love ya Pinterest, but you need to fix what’s broken 😦