#DisneySide Party!

Show Your Disney Side

Happy New Year to my wonderful followers here on Pieces of my Heart!  I have basically ignored my blog for a very long time but I plan on changing that and what better way to restart on it than with this exciting announcement?!?! I am very thrilled, I have been chosen to host a DisneySide at home celebration! I will be posting more about what I plan on doing for the party, such as the theme, some of the activities and food, and other little bits of “extra magic” I plan on incorporating just like they do at the the Disney theme parks and resorts!  We were so blessed to be able to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, last year as a Christmas gift from my parents.  Yes, you read that right, a Disney vacation as a gift! And they didn’t just gift that to us, but to the families of my four siblings as well.  We have a big family, y’all, and my parents treated us like kings and queens!  My children still talk about it like it was yesterday, we had SO.MUCH.FUN!! That is why this is uber-awesome for me to host this party, it’s a chance to bring some of the Disney magic back without having to travel to Florida.  Although, with the crazy amounts of snow we’ve been getting, my husband would be happy for a warm vacation away right about now! (There are some things a Southerner just never gets used to up here in the Midwest, and snow is one of them!)

Do you have any ideas you’d like to throw my way? Send me a little magic!



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