School is Open!

Today was our very first ever “First Day of School”!!  Samuel will be 4 in a few weeks and Joseph will be 3 a week later, so I’ve decided to do a joint, unit study type approach so I can easily tailor their needs but within learning about the same things.  The boys were so excited watching me get all of the materials ready and couldn’t wait to start.  There are so many deals right now in school supplies, which helps on our tight budget, so they each got their own new pencil (the fat kind for learning writers), new composition book (for journaling), glue bottle, glue stick, and box of crayons.  I figure that covers the basics.  I know a lot of mom blogs do a Wordless Wednesday type post, but I couldn’t wait to share these pictures until tomorrow.  I thought I’d give a picture highlight version of our first school day!

School Supplies all ready to go

Students all ready to go!

Practicing the number one for Creation day 1

Joe practicing his ones

Practice writing the number one in powdered sugar

We used Oreo cookies to visualize the difference between Day and Night (creation day 1). This is Day.

and this is Night (and Day and Night are very yummy they say)

look at my white hands mom!

Creating a read along book for Samuel’s sight words we and will

After they colored the pictures, we cut them out and glued them into their journals. I didn’t get a picture of the cutting and gluing, I was having too much fun and forgot to take pictures!



After we finished with the journals it was time for lunch and nap time.

I am using a lot of material from Hubbard’s Cupboard (Michelle Hubbard), another homeschooling mom from our church, for this first unit – Creation.  She has some wonderful resources on her site, which you can access from my page above, Other Neat Blogs.


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