Time in a Bottle

So many days have passed where I have had the thought “I should blog about this”, or “I really need to blog about something!”  Then the moment passes and life keeps sweeping along and before you know it, two months have passed and I haven’t blogged – about anything!  I have two book reviews to share among various other life events.  My sister has found out she’s having a girl, so we are gearing up for her baby shower in July.  My youngest brother has moved into a brand new home.  My oldest younger brother has found out that he will be able to adopt his oldest child (although she isn’t biological we all love her and can’t wait for her to be officially adopted in to the family!)  My middle younger brother is officially out of the Army and now officially in the National Guard of Indiana, on leave right now and we are soaking up all the time we are getting to spend with him.  My husband’s paternal grandmother passed away and we had to make a quick trip back to northern Alabama for the funeral.  We went on a weekend trip to Lake Lemon with friends and ended up needing new rear brakes out of that trip (busted brake line on the way down there, ah!)  So much has happened, and is happening, that every day seems to zoom by.  Speaking of which, is it really May 7???  It’ll be December 31 before I know it and 2013 will be under way.  I have been making sure to ground myself each day in the Word, allowing God to mold me and keep me in His will.  Boy is it ever tough to relinquish your own will!  I see now why Paul speaks on dying to self, because it truly is a daily choice we must make in taking ourselves off of God’s throne and sitting at His feet and doing His will.  I’m still struggling in so many ways but in others, where I used to struggle quite a bit, I have allowed God to really change my heart.  My biggest struggle right now is in eating, and treating my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit that it is.  I have lived selfishly for too long, and as I get closer and closer to 40 I have realized that it’s sincerely now or never.  Hopefully when I update in July after the baby shower I will be down 30+ pounds.  Perhaps in writing it down here I will hold myself more accountable.  Feel free to check in with me.  I could really use the accountability!  My other main goal in the physical realm is to be able to run a 5K by the end of August.  I have been doing the Couch 2 5K program, downloading a paid app on my phone and everything!  I never get paid apps 🙂

On to the book reviews, I have two wonderful books I’d love to share with you.  Sorry that this isn’t two separate posts, but I read one, received the other one in the mail and still hadn’t reviewed the first, so I’d like to lump them together in this post.

First:  Blue Moon Bay by Lisa Wingate

This book is a sort of departure from my normal reading fare.  I usually stick to the historical fiction category when picking books for a book review, but I have to say the cover image got me.  I know, I know… never judge a book by its cover (but seriously, who doesn’t when it comes to actual books??) and I try not to, but I’ve really been wanting a trip to the beach for awhile now so this cover immediately got my attention.  The storyline is captivating from the beginning to the end.  I really wanted to be right there with the characters, helping them figure out the riddle of Heather’s past demons.

Heather Hampton is the protagonist, having to go back to Moses Lake, Texas to tie up loose ends on the sale of family property.  She is in hot pursuit of moving up the ladder in her architectural firm, and has to return to the town which she hates to find out why her mother isn’t finalizing the sale in Seattle, Washington.  Along the way, she finds out her high school crush is the town do-gooder – enter love interest.  The love story between Heather and Blaine Underhill is sweet.  Heather’s selfish motives got on my nerves every once in awhile, as if she couldn’t let go of her high school hurts, but I understand them as well (having gone through my own high school issues later in life).  The story grips you, as you want to make Proxica pay for their dirty deeds, and you want Heather and Blaine to fall in love.  At times, I almost felt as if I was reading a similar version of Hope Floats in book form.  Good for me, because I love Hope Floats!  I definitely would recommend this book to a friend.

Up  next:  Chasing the Sun by Tracie Peterson

So the book image on this book did not grip me, but the description did.  I have never read Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly series, but have seen the movies and thought they were pretty good.  My mind immediately flitted to those images when I chose to review this book, hoping this would take me somewhere similar.  I wasn’t disappointed.

The protagonist in this novel is Hannah Dandridge, who moves west to Texas in the mid 1800s with her father and younger siblings from Vicksburg, Mississippi.  She left behind a charmed life of ease we find out but is able to serve her family well in the harsh west of Texas.  We find out that her father leaves her and her siblings behind to return to Mississippi to care for their grandmother and this is where the story picks up.  The love interest, William Barnett, enters the story soon after, coming to claim the ranch the Dandridges live on (given to them by the Confederate government as spoils of war) but Barnett fights for the ranch through the legal system.  Hannah and William face their convictions head on, serving the Lord all while doing so.  In the battle for the ranch they also must face the other woes of the time and decide how they want to deal with them.  The story is also a sweet love story, and you find yourself rooting for Hannah and William and what they are each facing.  This book is number one in a series, and I am definitely going to be buying the other books when they come out.  I can’t wait to see how Peterson develops this story line and the characters.  I read with that in mind, and I think that helped because then I felt as though she could take her time in developing the characters, which Peterson does quite in-depth.  I also am finding myself wondering if Herbert Lockhart, the antagonist in this book, will make a future appearance!  Again, another book I highly recommend to my followers here!

As always, these books were provided to me by Bethany House Publishers free of charge, in exchange for my honest feedback.  I am not required to give positive reviews of their books.


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