Cabin Fever Anyone?

This is my first blog for 2011.  February is here and I missed blogging anything in January.  I had thought of many things to blog about but allowed everything else to crowd my mind.  The boys have been sick, I’ve had a lot of research to do for work at home and the weather has gotten cold!  For the past two days, we have been locked inside.  The Midwest has been bombarded with ice blizzards, snow blizzards, freezing rain, sleet, rain… you name it we’ve gotten it!  Here in Central Indiana we had an ice blizzard.  Yesterday my county was under a travel warning.  Essentially you weren’t supposed to be on the road unless it was absolutely necessary.  This posed two problems for me.  My son Joseph and I both had doctor’s appointments that had to be rescheduled, and, when someone tells me to stay home that is usually when I feel like leaving!  This makes me think of how we as sinners can treat our relationship with the Lord.  If the Lord gives us a command, it is in our sinful nature to want to do the opposite.  After all, isn’t that what sinners do? At least this is the excuse I offer up to the Lord in my shame at not honoring Him, obeying Him, giving Him the glory that He is due.

I have been in a Bible Study at our church this semester.  The study is on the book Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges.  It is a fairly small book but man, oh man, is it jam packed with punch!  I have been under much conviction regarding my walk with the Lord and just how I have been responding to His command to “Be holy, for I am Holy” (Lev 11:44, 45; 1 Pet 1:16).  In reading a review of this book I came across this sentence which I have to agree with. Holiness: the forgotten word of Christianity. What?  Say it ain’t so!!!  I am afraid though that if I really analyze my own walk with Christ, it is so!  The shame and disappointment I have had to face in the last month going over this study has been eye opening (and tear provoking to be sure!)  I have been holding on to a lot of things from my past and I am now depending on God’s grace and mercy to wash over me and allow me to begin growing in a way I have never done before.  Don’t get me wrong, this is still a process.  It will always be a process.  It will always be me, a sinner, saved by grace through faith.  It will always be my fleshly desires against the action of doing the will of the Father.  This is why I am living out these statements D.A.I.L.Y.:

Decisively – You have a personal relationship with Jesus, your sins are forgiven, and therefore you say to Jesus, “I’m Yours!”

Availably – You know that you live on this earth to glorify Christ, each day is a gift, and therefore you say to Jesus, “I’m ready”

Intentionally – God has given you gifts, life is too short, there are no do-overs, and therefore you say to Jesus, “I’ll try”

Lovingly – You are overwhelmed by grace and how much he loves you, and therefore you say to Jesus, “I’m doing this out of love for you”

Yieldedly – When God asks you to do something hard, endure for a long time, or step out of your comfort zone, you say to Jesus, “I’ll trust you”

(taken from Jan.30, 2011 sermon by Mark Vroegop. Copyright College Park Church.  Indianapolis, Indiana.)

I am truly praising God for this “revelation” so to speak.  I use that word loosely because it isn’t something new to me, but it is something that I think finally has gotten across or through my thick skin.  My walls are beginning to crumble.  I am allowing myself to be vulnerable to new relationships, new paths in life, and the molding work of the hands of the Potter.  I am turning my eyes upon Jesus and looking FULL in His wonderful face!!



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