Socks, Cookies, and Blessings

Well, it’s been awhile.  A long, long while since I’ve posted something on here.  I always have something I want to put on here but then I second guess whether or not anyone wants to read about it so I just let it go into the ol’ trash-can-in-my-brain.  Most of my head blogs are around 1 in the morning when I’m laying in bed, not able to sleep, and my mind is wrapped around something that just won’t allow me to go back to sleep.  I probably should get up and write about it, or type it out, but I don’t.  I just lay in bed thinking, thinking, thinking.  Is it this time of year that spurs more thoughts than normal?

It is colder, and normally I go around the house barefoot but I’ve had to wear socks lately.  I tweeted that one day, and I was happy to hear that I brought a smile to someone’s face because of my silly tweet about cold toes.  My cold toes make me think more, about things such as having a house with heat to go to when I return from work, or church, or the store, etc.  I pray for those who have nothing.  That brings to mind another thought, should I have this much stuff?  Jeff and I talked about that after our time with the Lord the other night.  We are reading in Matthew.  The Lord instructs us in Matthew 10:9-10 to not acquire anything (this is his instruction to the apostles as they go about telling about the Messiah).  But He also instructs us that as He sends us out (whether it’s the end of our driveways or to India) that we shouldn’t be anxious of what to say because what we are to say will be given to us. (v.19-20)  Don’t you love that the Lord promises these things?  What a blessing, to be in His arms and that no matter what happens, we will be protected.  Of course this all hinges on whether or not you believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for your sins and to bring God the glory!  This reminds me of a friend who just had her baby, albeit early (born @ 21 weeks), and what a blessing our little ones are.

Every day as I read, or pray, or watch my boys play, I am reminded of the COUNTLESS blessings bestowed upon me by the Lord.  I have eyes to read, I have lips to pray, I have ears to hear the sounds of little ones.  I have a family who likes to get together and share in the season of giving by cooking large amounts of cookies.  In this season where everyone runs about attempting to acquire more stuff, I am reminded of how Jesus humbled himself for me.  I am humbled.  I am sad, too.  I am sad for every time that I have grieved the Holy Spirit.  I am sad for little ones like baby Brooklynn who is fighting for her life, but then I rejoice that she is here and that her parents (Erika and Lucas) get to enjoy those special moments with her in the NICU.  I am praying for them, for Brook, for the doctors, for the extended family.  I am rejoicing for their good news, and praying for their hearts to have healing when they hear the not-s0-good news.  This isn’t the most put together blog, I admit.  But I want to share the good news like the shepards did so many years ago.  Jesus is the reason for my good cheer.  I love you Lord!

For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you -Matthew 10:20


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