Time and Sickness

I don’t even know where my day goes sometimes.  Right now it is 11:32 pm, I still have some work to do and both of the boys have been sick all day.  I am trying to remember Scripture as I go throughout my day, begging God to draw near to me even though I haven’t been faithful in drawing near to Him.  You know what, I found that I have been stressing about something that I think God is trying to tell me not to stress out about.  Isn’t that the way it always goes though?  Does any of this even make any sense?  Is anyone even listening to me? (shoutout to my husband, who says this all the time, yet another movie line!)

So many thoughts are running through my head every moment of the day.  I know exactly why multi-tasking kills brain cells, it’s like TNT!  So I am going to leave this day with a couple of thoughts… I am ready for tomorrow’s mercies because tomorrow is almost here.  I also want to share a little thought about putting off the old man and putting on the new. (Ephesians 4)  It is definitely a work in progress every day to allow God to keep guard at the door of my lips and to refresh the new man so that my failing flesh doesn’t take over.  Do you ever feel like this?  Why does misery love company?  Because we want to know that we aren’t alone.  I go to lines of songs quite often during the day because many of the songs I listen to are directly taken from Scripture, some are just praise, both of which are great!  But it’s also a comfort to me to know that the hands that hold the heavens are holding my heart.  I am so glad I am a child of God, that God is working on me, that I am in the potter’s hands.  And, as much as it hurts I am glad that He is refining me and putting me through a fire to make me more pure.  Another line from a song – separating fact from my imaginary fiction – I really do need to find that place where I can meet Him and all too often, I am failing.

I’m going to bed, I will finish the work tomorrow, my boys need me tonight.  That’s such a great feeling, makes me wonder how we must grieve the Lord when we try to do it all on our own…


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